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QVtkViewerWidget Class Reference

Public Types

typedef ImageViewerWidget parentClass
enum  RepresentationType { NONE, COMPOSITE, MIP }

Public Slots

void keyPressed (vtkObject *, unsigned long, void *, void *, vtkCommand *command)
void showContextMenu (vtkObject *, unsigned long, void *, void *, vtkCommand *command)
- Public Slots inherited from ImageViewerWidget
void load (const QString fileName)
void mouseMoveEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *event)
virtual void overlayDataChanged (bool triggerEvents=true)
void saveAs (const char *fileName=NULL)
void scale (double factor, bool absolute=true)
void setCursorMode (const int &mode)
void setDrawPenColor (const QColor &color)
void showContextMenu (const QPoint &pos)
void showHelp ()
void sliderChanged (int newVal)
void updateIcon ()
void zoomIn ()
void zoomOut ()

Public Member Functions

 QVtkViewerWidget (QWidget *parent=0)
virtual void update ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ImageViewerWidget
virtual void clearOverlay ()
virtual void createOverlayImage ()
void dataChanged ()
virtual void deleteOverlayImage ()
virtual void displayHistogram (bool=false)
virtual void displayMagnifyView (size_t, size_t, size_t)
virtual void displayMagnifyView ()
virtual void displayPixelValue (size_t, size_t, size_t)
virtual void displayProfile (bool=false)
 ImageViewerWidget (QWidget *parent=0)
virtual void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *)
virtual void leaveEvent (QEvent *event)
void linkViewer (ImageViewerWidget *viewer)
virtual void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void redrawImage ()
virtual void setCurSlice (int)
void setImageSize (int w, int h, int d=1)
void setName (QString name)
void unlinkViewer (ImageViewerWidget *viewer)
virtual void wheelEvent (QWheelEvent *)

Public Attributes

QVTKWidget * qvtkWidget
- Public Attributes inherited from ImageViewerWidget
bool autoRange
bool drawLabelized
QImage::Format imageFormat
QImage * qImage
QVector< QImage * > qOverlayImage
QStatusBar * statusBar

Protected Member Functions

void hideAxes ()
void initLookup (int typeMax)
virtual void setAutoRange (bool)
void setInterpolationTypeToLinear ()
void setInterpolationTypeToNearest ()
virtual void setLabelImage (bool val)
void setRepresentationType (RepresentationType type)
void showAxes ()
void showLabel ()
void showNormal ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ImageViewerWidget
void createActions ()
void displayHint (QString msg, int timerVal=1000)
void dragEnterEvent (QDragEnterEvent *event)
void dragMoveEvent (QDragMoveEvent *de)
virtual void dropEvent (QDropEvent *)
void initColorTables ()
void scrollContentsBy (int dx, int dy)
void updatePixmaps (QImage *image, QList< QGraphicsPixmapItem *> *pixmaps)
void updateTitle ()

Protected Attributes

vtkAxesActor * axesActor
vtkCamera * camera
vtkPiecewiseFunction * colorOpacityTransfertFunction
vtkDiscretizableColorTransferFunction * colorTransfertFunction
vtkCubeSource * cube
vtkImageImport * imageImport
vtkRenderWindowInteractor * interactor
vtkPiecewiseFunction * opacityTransfertFunction
vtkOrientationMarkerWidget * orientationMarker
vtkOutlineFilter * outline
vtkActor * outlineActor
vtkPolyDataMapper * outlineMapper
vtkRenderer * renderer
vtkRenderWindow * renderWindow
RepresentationType representationType
vtkVolume * volume
vtkVolumeProperty * volumeProperty
vtkVolumeRayCastFunction * volumeRayCastFunction
vtkVolumeRayCastMapper * volumeRayCastMapper
vtkEventQtSlotConnect * vtkQtEventConnect
- Protected Attributes inherited from ImageViewerWidget
QMap< QString, QAction * > actionMap
QVector< QRgb > baseColorTable
int cursorMode
bool drawing
QPen drawPen
QLabel * hintLabel
QTimer * hintTimer
QTimer * iconTimer
QList< QGraphicsPixmapItem * > imagePixmaps
size_t imDepth
size_t imHeight
size_t imWidth
QVector< QRgb > labelColorTable
int lastPixX
int lastPixY
int lastPixZ
QGridLayout * layout
QGraphicsLineItem * line
QList< ImageViewerWidget * > linkedWidgets
bool magnActivated
QString name
QVector< QRgb > overlayColorTable
QList< QGraphicsPixmapItem * > overlayPixmaps
QVector< QRgb > rainbowColorTable
double scaleFactor
QSlider * slider
QLabel * valueLabel
bool valueLblActivated

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from ImageViewerWidget
void onDataChanged ()
void onKeyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *)
void onRescaled (double scaleFactor)
void onScrollBarPositionChanged (int dx, int dy)
- Protected Types inherited from ImageViewerWidget
enum  cursorMode { cursorMove, cursorDraw, cursorDrawLine, cursorDrawBox }
- Protected Slots inherited from ImageViewerWidget
void setScrollBarPosition (int x, int y)

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