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BaseImage Class Referenceabstract

Base Image class. More...

#include <DBaseImage.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BaseImage (const char *_className="BaseImage")
 BaseImage (const BaseImage &rhs)
virtual size_t getAllocatedSize () const
 Get memory size (bytes)
void getCoordsFromOffset (size_t off, size_t &x, size_t &y, size_t &z) const
 Get x,y(,z) coordinates for a given offset.
size_t getDepth () const
 Get image depth (Z)
UINT getDimension () const
 Get dimension (2D or 3D)
size_t getHeight () const
 Get image height.
virtual const char * getInfoString (const char *="") const
 Get the description of the image.
size_t getLineCount () const
 Get the number of lines.
size_t getOffsetFromCoords (size_t x, size_t y, size_t z=1) const
 Get an offset for given x,y(,z) coordinates.
size_t getPixelCount () const
 Get the number of pixels.
void getSize (size_t *w, size_t *h, size_t *d) const
 Get image size.
void getSize (size_t s[3]) const
 Get image size.
void getSize (off_t s[3]) const
 Get image size.
void getSize (int s[3]) const
 Get image size.
size_t getSliceCount () const
 Get the number of slices(for 3D images)
virtual const char * getTypeAsString ()=0
 Get the type of the image as a string ("UINT8",...)
virtual BaseImageViewergetViewer ()=0
 Get the viewer associated to the image.
virtual void * getVoidPointer ()=0
 Get the void* data array.
size_t getWidth () const
 Get image width.
virtual void hide ()=0
 Hide the image (viewer)
virtual void init ()
bool isAllocated () const
 Check if the image is allocated.
virtual bool isVisible ()
 Check if the image (viewer) is visible.
virtual RES_T load (const char *)
 Load from file.
virtual void modified ()=0
 Trigger modified event.
BaseImageoperator= (const BaseImage &rhs)
virtual RES_T save (const char *)
 Save to file.
virtual RES_T setSize (size_t w, size_t h, size_t d=1, bool doAllocate=true)=0
 Set image size Set image size and allocate it if doAllocate is true.
virtual void show (const char *=NULL, bool=false)
 Show the image (viewer)
virtual void showLabel (const char *=NULL)
 Show the image (viewer) as false colors.
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseObject
 BaseObject (const char *_className, bool _register=true)
 BaseObject (const BaseObject &rhs, bool _register=true)
virtual const char * getClassName () const
CoregetCoreInstance ()
virtual const char * getName () const
BaseObjectoperator= (const BaseObject &rhs)
virtual void printSelf (ostream &=std::cout, string="") const
virtual void setName (const char *_name)

Public Attributes

Signal onModified
Signal onShow
bool updatesEnabled
- Public Attributes inherited from BaseObject
bool triggerEvents

Protected Attributes

bool allocated
size_t allocatedSize
size_t dataTypeSize
size_t depth
size_t height
size_t lineCount
size_t pixelCount
size_t sliceCount
size_t width
- Protected Attributes inherited from BaseObject
string className
string name
bool registered

Private Types

typedef BaseObject parentClass

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from BaseObject
typedef void parentClass
typedef void(BaseObject::* voidMemberFunc) ()

Detailed Description

Base Image class.

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