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BaseImage Class Referenceabstract

Base Image class. More...

#include <DBaseImage.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual size_t getAllocatedSize () const
 Get memory size (bytes)
void getCoordsFromOffset (size_t off, size_t &x, size_t &y, size_t &z) const
 Get x,y(,z) coordinates for a given offset.
size_t getDepth () const
 Get image depth (Z)
UINT getDimension () const
 Get dimension (2D or 3D)
size_t getHeight () const
 Get image height.
virtual const char * getInfoString (const char *="") const
 Get the description of the image.
size_t getLineCount () const
 Get the number of lines.
size_t getOffsetFromCoords (size_t x, size_t y, size_t z=1) const
 Get an offset for given x,y(,z) coordinates.
size_t getPixelCount () const
 Get the number of pixels.
void getSize (size_t s[3]) const
 Get image size.
size_t getSliceCount () const
 Get the number of slices(for 3D images)
virtual const char * getTypeAsString ()=0
 Get the type of the image as a string ("UINT8",...)
virtual BaseImageViewer * getViewer ()=0
 Get the viewer associated to the image.
virtual void * getVoidPointer ()=0
 Get the void* data array.
size_t getWidth () const
 Get image width.
virtual void hide ()=0
 Hide the image (viewer)
bool isAllocated () const
 Check if the image is allocated.
virtual bool isVisible ()
 Check if the image (viewer) is visible.
virtual RES_T load (const char *)
 Load from file.
virtual void modified ()=0
 Trigger modified event.
virtual RES_T save (const char *)
 Save to file.
virtual RES_T setSize (size_t w, size_t h, size_t d=1, bool doAllocate=true)=0
 Set image size Set image size and allocate it if doAllocate is true.
virtual void show (const char *=NULL, bool=false)
 Show the image (viewer)
virtual void showLabel (const char *=NULL)
 Show the image (viewer) as false colors.

Detailed Description

Base Image class.

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