SMIL  0.9.1
BufferPool< T > Class Template Reference

Public Types

typedef ImDtTypes< T >::lineType bufferType

Public Member Functions

 BufferPool (size_t bufSize=0)
void clear ()
bufferType getBuffer ()
vector< bufferType > getBuffers (size_t nbr)
size_t getMaxNumberOfBuffers ()
RES_T initialize (size_t bufSize, SMIL_UNUSED size_t nbr=0)
void releaseAllBuffers ()
void releaseBuffer (bufferType &buf)
void releaseBuffers (vector< bufferType > &bufs)
void setMaxNumberOfBuffers (size_t nbr)

Protected Member Functions

bool createBuffer ()

Protected Attributes

stack< bufferType > availableBuffers
vector< bufferType > buffers
size_t bufferSize
size_t maxNumberOfBuffers
size_t numberOfBuffers

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