SMIL  0.9.1
CpuID Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

const std::vector< Cache_Descriptors > & getCaches () const
unsigned getCores () const
unsigned getLogical () const
unsigned int getNbrCacheLevel () const
const SIMD_InstructionsgetSimdInstructions () const
string getVendor () const
bool isHyperThreated () const

Protected Member Functions

void load (unsigned i)

Protected Attributes

unsigned cores
UINT32 & eax
unsigned eaxFeatures
UINT32 & ebx
unsigned ebxFeatures
UINT32 & ecx
unsigned ecxFeatures
UINT32 & edx
unsigned edxFeatures
bool hyperThreaded
std::vector< Cache_DescriptorsL
unsigned logical
UINT32 regs [4]
SIMD_Instructions simdInstructions
string vendor

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