SMIL  0.9.1
MaxTree2< T, CriterionT, OffsetT, LabelT > Class Template Reference

Public Member Functions

int build (const Image< T > &img, LabelT *img_eti, const StrElt &se)
LabelT & getBrother (const LabelT node)
LabelT & getChild (const LabelT node)
CriterionT & getCriterion (const LabelT node)
int getImHeight ()
int getImWidth ()
LabelT getLabelMax ()
T & getLevel (const LabelT node)
CriterionT PREVIOUS_OLD_FROMJONATHAN_updateCriteria (LabelT node)
void updateCriteria (const int node)
 Update criteria of a given max-tree node.

Protected Attributes

vector< int > dOffsets
size_t imSize [3]
bool oddSE
vector< IntPointsePts
UINT sePtsNbr

Private Member Functions

void allocatePage (UINT page)
void flood (const Image< T > &img, UINT *img_eti, unsigned int level)
initialize (const Image< T > &imIn, LabelT *img_eti, const StrElt &se)
int nextHigherLabel (T parent_valeur, T valeur)
int nextLowerLabel (T valeur)
void reset ()
bool subFlood (typename ImDtTypes< T >::lineType imgPix, LabelT *img_eti, OffsetT p, OffsetT p_suiv)

Private Attributes

LabelT ** brothers
LabelT ** children
CriterionT ** criteria
LabelT curLabel
HierarchicalQueue< T, OffsetT > hq
Image< T > const * img
size_t imHeight
size_t imWidth
bool initialized
LabelT * labels
T ** levels

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