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MultichannelType< T, N > Class Template Reference
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Public Types

typedef T DataType

Public Member Functions

 MultichannelType (const T &val)
 MultichannelType (const T &_r, const T &_g, const T &_b)
 MultichannelType (const MultichannelType< T, N > &mc)
 operator bool () const
 operator char () const
 operator double () const
 operator int () const
 operator long int () const
 operator short int () const
 operator signed char () const
 operator size_t () const
 operator UINT () const
 operator UINT16 () const
 operator UINT8 () const
MultichannelType operator! ()
bool operator!= (const MultichannelType &mc) const
bool operator!= (const int &val) const
MultichannelType operator& (const MultichannelType &mc)
MultichannelType operator&& (const MultichannelType &mc)
MultichannelType operator* (const MultichannelType &mc) const
MultichannelType operator* (const double &val) const
MultichannelType operator* (const size_t &val) const
MultichannelType operator+ (const MultichannelType &mc) const
MultichannelType operator+ (const int &val) const
MultichannelTypeoperator++ (int)
MultichannelTypeoperator+= (const MultichannelType &mc)
MultichannelType operator- (const MultichannelType &mc) const
MultichannelType operator- (const int &val) const
MultichannelType operator- (const size_t &val) const
MultichannelType operator- ()
MultichannelTypeoperator-= (const MultichannelType &mc)
MultichannelType operator/ (const MultichannelType &mc) const
MultichannelType operator/ (const double &val) const
MultichannelType operator/ (const size_t &val) const
bool operator< (const MultichannelType &mc) const
bool operator<= (const MultichannelType &mc) const
MultichannelTypeoperator= (const MultichannelType &mc)
bool operator== (const MultichannelType &mc) const
bool operator== (const int &val) const
bool operator> (const MultichannelType &mc) const
bool operator>= (const MultichannelType &mc) const
T & operator[] (UINT i)
const T & operator[] (UINT i) const
MultichannelType operator^ (const MultichannelType &mc)
MultichannelType operator| (const MultichannelType &mc)
MultichannelType operator|= (const MultichannelType &mc)
MultichannelType operator|| (const MultichannelType &mc)
MultichannelType operator~ ()
virtual const T & value (const UINT &i) const
virtual T & value (const UINT &i)

Static Public Member Functions

static UINT channelNumber ()

Protected Attributes

c [N]

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