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StrElt Class Reference

Base structuring element. More...

#include <DStructuringElement.h>

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Public Member Functions

StrElt homothety (const UINT s) const
 Construct and return an homothetic SE with size s.
StrElt noCenter () const
 Return the SE with no center.
 StrElt (bool oddSE, vector< UINT > indexList)
 Construct a structuring element with points defined by their indexes. More...
StrElt transpose () const
 Return the opposite SE (symmetry with respect to 0)

Public Attributes

vector< IntPoint > points
 List of neighbor points.

Detailed Description

Base structuring element.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StrElt ( bool  oddSE,
vector< UINT >  indexList 

Construct a structuring element with points defined by their indexes.

oddSESpecify if we want to use an hexagonal grid (true) or a square grid (false)
indexListThe list of point indexes

The index values are defined for each grid type as follow:



1 # Create a diagonal SE with the two points (0,0) and (1,1),
2 # on the square grid:
3 diagSE_s = StrElt(False, (0,8))
4 # on the hexagonal grid:
5 diagSE_h = StrElt(True, (0,6))

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