SMIL  0.9.1
Here is a list of all modules:
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 IO and Image Formats
 Core Data Structures
 Numpy Interface
 Base Operators
 Draw Operations
 Base measures
 Mesures on blobs
 Arithmetic operations
 Matrix operations
 Image Transformations
 Morpho Morphological Operators
 Structuring Elements
 Composite Structuring Elements
 Hit-or-Miss Transform
 Arrow Graphs
 Base Morphological Operators
 Distance Function
 Regional Minima and Maxima
 Morphological Filters
 Geodesic Transforms
 Hierarchical Queues
 MaxTree Algorithm
 Morphological Residues
 Watershed Segmentation
 Watershed Extinction
 Gui and Image Display
 Advanced Algorithms
 Fast Area Opening/ClosingThis algorithm needs an INT32 input and an INT32 output
 Gray Level ... Zone MatrixBy Guillaume Thibault
 Morpho Path Opening/Closing
 Addons (Plugins)
 Colour images conversions
 Stochastic Watershed
 MorphM Image Interface
 VTK Image Interface
 Threshold (Theo)
 Arrow (Theo)
 Measures (Theo)
 FFT(W) based functions
 Filters (Non Morphological)
 3D Bilateral FilterFast 3D bilateral filter implementation
 Canny Filter (2D)A 2D Canny filter implementation by Vincent Morard
 Deriche Filter (2D)Deriche edge detection:
 Fast Bilateral Filter (2D)A 2D Fast Bilateral Filter
 Gabor Filter (2D)A 2D Gabor filter implementation
 Gaussian Filter (3D)Gaussian Filter
 Kuwahara Filter (2D)A 2D Kuwahara filter implementation
 Mean Shift Filter (2D)A 2D "Mean Shift" filter implementation
 Image NormalizeVarious filters to normalize images
 Sigma Filter (2D)A 2D Sigma filter implementation
 Graph Geo Cuts
 Geo CutsMost of these algorithms were developped in the PhD thesis of Jean Stawiaski
 GeoCuts Markov Random FieldsSegmentation by minimum surfaces (object label = 2, background label = 3)
 Minimum surfaces segmentationSegmentation by minimum surfaces (object label = 2, background label = 3)
 Watershed AlgorithmsWatershed algorithms
 Mosaic Graph Cut
 Segmentation by Minimum SurfacesSegmentation by minimum surfaces (object label =2, background label = 3)
 Features detection (Hough)
 OpenCV Interface
 VTK Viewer