SMIL  0.9.1
BIN Struct Reference
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Public Types

typedef Type * lineType
typedef lineType * sliceType
typedef BIN_TYPE Type

Public Member Functions

 BIN (BIN_TYPE v=numeric_limits< BIN_TYPE >::min())
 BIN (bool b)
 BIN (double v)
BINoperator= (BIN_TYPE v)
BINoperator= (bool b)
BINoperator= (const char *s)
bitIndexoperator[] (UINT8 pos)
ostream & printSelf (ostream &os=cout)

Static Public Member Functions

static BIN_TYPE binLen (BIN_TYPE bitCount)
static BIN_TYPE max ()
static BIN_TYPE min ()

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

static const BIN_TYPE LS_BIT = 0x01
 Less significant bit.
static const BIN_TYPE MS_BIT = (1UL << (SIZE - 2))
 Most significant bit.
static const BIN_TYPE SIZE = sizeof(BIN_TYPE)*CHAR_BIT

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