SMIL  0.8
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Smil Online Java (Web Start) version


This application is a Java WebStart version of Smil which embeds a python interpreter.
To be able to run it, your must have a JRE plugin for your browser installed.
The minimum required version is Java 6.

To download the latest version of the JRE corresponding to your browser, click here.
Ubuntu users should install the icedtea-plugin package.

For now, only Windows and Linux platforms are supported (OSX version is under developpement).

Running applications by unknown publishers will be blocked in a future java release.
To allow the execution of this application, please download and install this SSL certificate.
This Web Start application has been signed and secured to prevent someone from re-deploying this application on another website for malicious purposes.

Launch the application

Click here to launch the application (or here to open it with the Lena image).


The first time you will execute the application, the JRE will need to download native libraries corresponding to your platform. The download may take several seconds.

Run an example script

See the examples page. In a script page, click on "Execute script online" to run it.


In case of Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 error, please update Java (the minimum required version is Java 6).
It is highly recommend to uninstall all older versions of Java from your system (see Java website).