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 +====== Contribute SMIL ======
-====== Contributing to Smil ====== 
-This section contains guidelines on how to contribute to SMIL. 
-Please note that in order to some code be integrated to SMIL distribution it must : 
-  * be human readable : other than computer readable. Verify that your code is formatted with SMIL style. Just run : ''​clang-format -i -style=file filename''​ on each of your contributed files; 
-  * compiles with NO WARNINGS and NO ERRORS. Warnings at compile time means a potential problem; 
-  * all functions works with all defined Image types : UINT8, UINT16, UINT32. If this isn't the case, there shall be a mention clear stating it (eventually with the reason); 
-  * be aware that code will be checked against bad programming practices and, eventually, corrected or rejected. 
-  * algorithms shall be documented in the source code with references when needed; 
-  * all visible objects shall have their prototypes documented with Doxygen in order to be automatically integrated into the documentation. ​ 
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