Packages - CentOS 7

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Base Packages

# Required
yum -y install git
yum -y install gcc-c++
yum -y install cmake
yum -y install swig
# Optional
#  to create doxygen documentation
yum -y install doxygen inkscape
# libraries
yum -y install freetype-devel
# image manipulation
yum -y install libpng-devel
yum -y install libjpeg-turbo-devel
yum -y install libtiff-devel
# to get an image from an URL
yum -y install libcurl-devel
# Recommended
#  CLI tools to manipulate and get information about image files
yum -y install libtiff-tools

Qt 5

# With ccmake, set the value USE_QT_VERSION => 5
yum -y install qt5-qtbase-devel

Python 2.x

yum -y install python-devel
yum -y install numpy
To install Smil under CentOS, unless you really want them, it's better to avoid :
  • Qt 4 - the version included with CentOS 7 is too old to compile;
  • Python 3.x - isn't available with CentOS 7 distribution. You may install it from others repositories. Take a look here to instructions on how to do it. Other than this, you'll need to manually install all other Python 3.X needed by Smil.
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