SMIL  0.8
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template<class T >
RES_T enhanceContrast (const Image< T > &imIn, Image< T > &imOut, double leftSat, double rightSat)
 Enhance contrast.
template<class T >
std::map< T, UINT > histogram (const Image< T > &imIn)
 Image histogram.
template<class T >
std::map< T, UINT > histogram (const Image< T > &imIn, const Image< T > &imMask)
 Image histogram with a mask image. More...
template<class T >
vector< T > otsuThreshold (const Image< T > &imIn, Image< T > &imOut, UINT nbrThresholds)
 Otsu Threshold. More...
template<class T1 , class T2 >
RES_T stretchHist (const Image< T1 > &imIn, T1 inMinVal, T1 inMaxVal, Image< T2 > &imOut, T2 outMinVal=numeric_limits< T2 >::min(), T2 outMaxVal=numeric_limits< T2 >::max())
 Stretch histogram.
template<class T >
RES_T threshold (const Image< T > &imIn, T minVal, T maxVal, T trueVal, T falseVal, Image< T > &imOut)
 Image threshold.

Detailed Description

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std::map<T, UINT> smil::histogram ( const Image< T > &  imIn,
const Image< T > &  imMask 

Image histogram with a mask image.

Calculates the histogram of the image imIn only for pixels x where imMask(x)!=0

vector<T> smil::otsuThreshold ( const Image< T > &  imIn,
Image< T > &  imOut,
UINT  nbrThresholds 

Otsu Threshold.