SMIL  0.9.1
ImDtTypes< RGB > Struct Template Reference
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Public Types

typedef RGBArray lineType
typedef RGB pixelType
- Public Types inherited from ImDtTypes< COLOR_UINT8_3 >
typedef MultichannelType< double, 3 > floatType
typedef COLOR_UINT8_3_Array lineType
typedef COLOR_UINT8_3 pixelType
typedef COLOR_UINT8_3_Array restrictLineType
typedef lineTypesliceType
typedef sliceTypevolType

Static Public Member Functions

static size_t cardinal ()
static pixelType max ()
static pixelType min ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ImDtTypes< COLOR_UINT8_3 >
static size_t cardinal ()
static lineType createLine (size_t lineLen)
static void deleteLine (lineType arr)
static pixelType max ()
static pixelType min ()
static unsigned long ptrOffset (lineType p, unsigned long n=SIMD_VEC_SIZE)
static std::string toString (const COLOR_UINT8_3 &val)

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